Canon ColorWave 3600 / 3800
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Product Highlights

  • The ColorWave® 3600/3800 series large format printing system is based on the proven award-winning CrystalPoint technology. This compact all-in-one system serves as both a color and black & white printer, copier and scanner in an easy-to-use single footprint.
  • Effortlessly handles multiple applications ranging from B&W and color CAD, GIS and full color graphics on a wide variety of media, including plain paper for a lower cost of operation.
  • Increase your efficiency and decrease operating costs by consolidating multiple inkjet devices into an all in one device.
  • NEW - Embedded New Set of Security Features
  • The unique TonerPearl® technology makes for a totally clean system: there's no fine dust, no odor and minimal waste disposal.

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 225 D-size prints per hour with zero dry time for instantly usable, waterfast prints with multiple finishing options such as online folders, media take up unit and stacking options.
  • The 42-inch wide printer holds up to four or six media rolls, each containing up to 650 feet of media for interrupted printing.
  • Single footprint scanner option as well as and multiple finishing options for stacking/folding of technical documents.
  • Publisher Select™ provides an interactive preview showing the effects of selected settings on the output to avoid misprints.

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