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Disruptive Innovation describes a process by which a product or service initially takes root in simple applications at the bottom of a market-typically by being less expensive and more accessible-and then relentlessly moves upmarket, eventually displacing established competitors.

Lasers have been a mainstream part of life - from epic battles in science fiction movies to useful applications in industries like manufacturing. Nevertheless, while the technology has been a bit slower to hit the construction industry, 3D laser scanning is quickly becoming a staple on sites around the world.

Epson secures 56% increase in market share for business inkjet printingTuesday 5th November 2019 10:52Continuing its drive to shift the business market away from laser printers in favour of more sustainable business inkjet printing, Epson achieved a 56 per cent market share increase between 2015 and 2019, according to IDC data. This growth...

Leica Geosystems delivers an intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the heavy construction industry - the new all-in-one machine control platform consisting of a panel, MCP80, and docking station combined with a new application software, MC1, supports multiple machines for heavy construction. The MCP80 panel displays...