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1. Rentals are defined as calendar days. Holidays and weekends included.

2. Rentals start when delivery is signed for by the company / Person renting the unit. Also, the COI of the renter starts at this time.

3. Rentals end when units are returned to a UPS driver or Customer Service Center using the provided return label. UPS Stores are not acceptable. This will email Da Vinci with a timestamp of the unit being returned to UPS and end your rental contract. Also, COI of Renter is in place until which time a Da Vinci Receives unit and check out ok, will be done within 24 hr of return by UPS, T client will receive an email.

4. New clients will require a deposit of 1½ times the rental rate. The deposit will be refunded once the unit is received, tested, and checked for damages by Da Vinci.

5. Ground shipping is demonstrated, on the This WEB page below. This is for the continental US and shipping times are based on UPS published schedules and are subject to weather and all other (UPS related) delays. Normally 2-6 days depending on location. (WE DO NOT GUARANTEE these times so plan for this)

6. If a client needs a unit longer than the contracted length of time and does not communicate to scan@davincink.com at least 24 hours prior to the end of rental contract time. The client will be charged a $250.00 penalty, as well as all additional rental days until the unit is returned to UPS at the rate of 150% of the contract daily rental rate.

7. Requirements needed for rental. Please see below:

  1. Rental agreement Packet

  2. Copy of a current COI (certificate of insurance)

  3. Copy of a valid driver license

  4. Location of used addendum (included in packet)

  5. Credit card authorization form for additional charges to include additional days, penalty, or any cosmetic damage to the unit being rented.

8. First-time clients have a three to four day processing period before shipment once all information and payments are received. This timeframe can be expedited to 24 hours for a fee of $350.00. The same conditions apply as above.

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