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Da Vinci ISolutions  

Don't own technology share it !!

Payment Options

Da Vinci 3D Share Program

Do it yourself

795.95 per month (includes 5 days of scan

rental) - 12 month commitment

➢ Tripod

➢ 2 sets of batteries and charger

➢ 2 USB job sticks

➢ Shipping case

➢ Targets (if needed)

➢ Laptop with point cloud registration software

➢ IPad pro

➢ Discount Rate after included 5 days $997.95 - NOW $455.95 per day

➢ End-user Training (if needed) $2,800.00 per day NOW $995.00

➢ Save 10 % INSTANTLY on a 12-month agreement if paid upfront.

➢ 10% discount on 5-day bundle rentals.

➢ 5% discount on equipment purchases.

If shipping UPS or FedEx to and from labels

prepaid will be provided, and billed back to

the customer. Can use Da Vinci Account or

customer (Da Vinci must arrange labels for

insurance purposes)

Need to provide Certificate of Insurance- Loss

Payee Da Vinci ISolutions for $100,000.00

Payment Options

Da Vinci 3D Service Program

let us do it for you

1,332.93 per month (includes 5 days of

scan services) - 12-month commitment

❖ Registered Point Cloud (Raw).

❖ 2D / 3D (RAW) to CAD Software

❖ Archiving of Projects up to 1 year

❖ Fast turn around

❖ Site / Job Photos

❖ up to 35 scans per day plus processing.

❖ Save 10% INSTANTLY on a 12-month agreement if paid upfront.

❖ Save an additional 10% on added 5-day bundles during commitment.

❖ 5% discount on equipment purchases.

❖ Each additional 5-day bundle

$3,199.95 NOW $2,395.00

All the above is plus Travel (up to) $1,395.95 per

day, contingent on location

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