BLK360 Lease for 367.95

Introducing the Leica BLK360

A portable laser reality capture solution that generates a full 3D representation of any space in just minutes. By combining 3D point cloud technology with panoramic photography, the BLK360 creates a full 3D representation with precision measurements, full color rendering, and even thermal imaging.


Leica Geosystems Inc. (USA) BLK360 System Package, consisting of:
1x BLK360 Laser Scanner (840440)
1x BLK360 Transport Hood (850555)
1x GEB212 Lithium-Ion Battery (772806)
1x GKL312 Battery Charger (852413)
1x GEV192-9 AC/DC Adapter for GKL, EU, NA, JP, UK & AUS (851476)
1x Car-Adapter for GKL, 1m (738242)
1x BLK360 Quick Guide (852401)
1x Leica BLK USB Documentation Card (854230)
1x ADSK Recap360 Info Sheet (852402)
1x Leica BLK360 App Info Sheet (852403)
1x Information for Customer, all language (721830)
1x BLK360 packaging (853683)

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