Canon Plotwave 3000 MFP Lease for 269.63 per mo

PlotWave 3000/3500 Printing Systems
Easy, Secure, and Intelligent walk-up monochrome large format printing
PlotWave 3000 and PlotWave 3500 are the successors to the PlotWave 345 and PlotWave 365 printing systems. Ideal for decentralized low-volume (LV) walk-up printing environments with small/medium workgroups of CAD professionals who require both productivity and ease of use. What's new? PlotWave 3000/3500 printing systems are now branded Canon and include new cabinet colors, faster controller hardware running Windows 10 IoT LTSC 64-bit operating system, and new standard security features, among other improvements. For an MFP configuration, Scanner Express IV replaces Scanner Express III, with identical form, fit and function plus the new Canon cabinet colors (Damson Black and Titanium White - the same cabinet colors already debuted with the launch of the ColorWave 3500/3700).
PlotWave 3000/3500 printing systems build on the features and benefits that were introduced with the PlotWave 345/365 printing system