Put the 'as-built' into BIM  An automatic process to convert point cloud data into intelligent 3D mesh models

Why PointFuse?

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  • Produces unique mesh models comprised of discrete, selectable surfaces, permitting manipulation and classification.
  • Eliminates significant bottlenecks and subjectivity, producing consistent, accurate results.

Fast model creation

  • Convert walls, doors, and windows into parametric LOD200 BIM elements.
  • Compatible with industry BIM, CAD, and CAFM software.
  • Realize real-time records for space-utilization and optimization projects.

Small file size

  • Converts point cloud data into as-built models that reduce the size of the project's working data by a factor of up to 100.
  • Easy sharing of models for all project stakeholders.

Ease of use

  • Provides a guided workflow.
  • No specialist knowledge required, resulting in a de-skilled and streamlined process.
  • Reduces time to delivery by around 70%.

No third-party plugin

  • No dependency on other software systems.
  • Reduces costs and skill dependencies.

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